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Anti-Bribery Policy

AROMIS International FZCO is committed to the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of its Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS), compliant to international standards ISO 37001:2016.

We are committed to high standards of ethical behaviour and requires all Top Management, employees, business associates and other stakeholders, with whom they conduct business with, to comply with this policy without exception.

Following are the policies of AROMIS International FZCO;

  • • We will not take part in bribery, corruption or any other illegal act or will otherwise lead to dismissal or termination of the business relationship
  • • We only permit the receiving and giving of gifts and hospitality where it is reasonable and proportionate to a business relationship. It will not be undertaken at all if there is any risk that it may be seen to influence decision making
  • • We will not accept business where corrupt practices are involved and will not continue with a customer or other stakeholder relationships if any instances arise.
  • • Where legal and other commercial relationships may be different in certain countries to those expected by this policy, the General Manager will decide on the due diligence arrangements that would need to take place before any business relationship is entered. However, without exception, we do not engage in the offering or accepting of bribes or other inducements.
  • • Conflicts of interest are not acceptable. It is a condition of employment that the top management and employee do not conduct private business, political or charitable activities within the organization without prior written consent of General Manager.
  • • We do not make any political or charitable donations without the prior written agreement of the General Manager.
  • • Managers, staff, and contractors have confidential reporting channels to raise concerns (also known as whistleblowing). However, all line management are briefed as to how to deal with any concerns reported to them and it is a serious disciplinary matter not to report and investigate any such concerns.
  • • The management are committed to, and support, the implementation of the ABMS in line with this policy and established objectives in order to adequately mitigate our bribery risk.
  • • The management is responsible for answering any questions and clarifying any bribery issues to employees.

The ABMS has been implemented to prevent AROMIS International FZCO from becoming involved with any corrupt practices and to deal and report where any such activities may need further investigation and action. Regular reporting to the General Manager on all ABMS matters and this policy and the processes that support it will be reviewed at least annually.

This policy will be communicated internally and externally, ensuring that customers, business associates, stakeholders and Employees/Staff are made aware of AROMIS International FZCO commitment to business continuity.