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Business Continuity Policy

AROMIS International FZCO, as a modern and forward-looking business, recognises the need to ensure that its business operates smoothly and without interruption for the benefit of its customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. In order to provide such a level of continuous operation, AROMIS has implemented a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) in line with the international standard, ISO 22301:2012.

It is the policy of AROMIS International FZCO to;

  • • Maintain a strategy for reacting to, and recovering from, adverse situations which is in line with a low level of acceptable risk.
  • • Ensure that, whenever practical, action is taken to prevent the occurrence or recurrence of an adverse situation through adopting appropriate risk controls.
  • • Maintain a programme of activity which ensures that our organization has the ability to react appropriately to, and recover from, adverse situations in line with predefined business continuity objectives.
  • • Maintain appropriate response plans underpinned by a clear escalation process.
  • • Rehearse response and recovery plans at least annually.
  • • Maintain a level of resilience to operational failure in line with the risks faced.
  • • Ensure that all employees involved in business continuity management are competent on the basis of appropriate education, training, skills and experience.
  • • Review relevant metrics on an annual basis to assess whether it is appropriate to change them, based on collected historical data and feedback from relevant sources.
  • • Review ideas for continual improvement at regular management meetings in order to prioritise them and assess timescales and benefits.
  • • Remain aligned with good industry practice in business continuity management and continually improve the effectiveness of the Business Continuity Management System across all areas within scope.

This policy will be communicated internally and externally, ensuring that customers, business associates, stakeholders and Employees/Staff are made aware of AROMIS International FZCO commitment to business continuity.